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D2D is using the immersive quality of casual video games to innovatively teach important financial education lessons and build financial capability among consumers through Financial Entertainment (“FE”). Since introducing its first game (Celebrity Calamity) in 2009, D2D has expanded this ground-breaking library to include four other titles: Groove Nation, Farm Blitz, Bite Club, and Refund Rush. With partners in the military, government, financial services, community colleges, and grass roots organizations leveraging these games to reach individuals across the country, FE is rapidly proving its value as a high quality and engaging tool. Visit the game portal to play by visiting

Current Work

Awarded the AFCPE Financial Education Program of the Year for 2011, financial entertainment has been established as a valuable tool for improving financial knowledge and self-confidence for players. The portal site hosts a library of games that includes:

  • Bite Club (P&I Eddy Award Winner, NEEBC Best Practice Award): Save for retirement while running a vampire “day” club;
  • Celebrity Calamity (2009 Horizon Award Winner): Manage celebrity credit cards and spending;
  • Farm Blitz (EIFLE 2010 Instructional Game of the Year, 2011 Games for Change Festival Finalist): Manage farm resources to build savings and survive financial emergencies;
  • Groove Nation: Dance and budget your way to stardom;
  • Refund Rush: Help clients split tax refunds and save during tax time.

Bite Club, Celebrity Calamity, and Farm Blitz are also all available in Spanish for interested partners.

Celebrity Calamity Mobile

Now iPhone and iPad users can download Celebrity Calamity Mobile for free in the Apple App Store! Challenge yourself to dodge a Corvette without spilling your latte or breaking the budget!

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