Staples Bite Club Project Nabs Two More National Awards

Last week, the collaboration between D2D Fund, Staples, and New York Life Retirement Services (NYLRS) received top honors for "Design/Web Multi-Media Games, Contests" at the MarCom Awards and honorable mention for "Increasing Plan Participation and Savings Rates" at the PSCA Awards.570 The MarCom Awards are sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals and the PSCA Awards are sponsored by the Plan Sponsor Council of America.

In 2012, D2D partnered with Staples to create a branded Financial Entertainment game portal as a way of engaging Staples employees in their 401(k)s – the centerpiece of this effort was the design and development of a customized “Staples” Bite Club Financial Entertainment title prompting employees to take savings actions. In Bite Club, players are in charge of running a 'day-club' for vampires while preparing for retirement.  Read more about D2D's partnership with Staples in the Boston Globe and Pensions & Investments.  To play "Bite Club," visit

December 10, 2012