SaveYourRefund to Launch January 24, 2014!


$35,000 in prizes. 101 winners. 10 weeks.




D2D’s national SaveYourRefund promotion incentivizes the act of saving at tax time by offering tax filers the chance to win cash prizes. With the help of over 50 partners, friends and sponsors, SaveYourRefund makes saving at tax time rewarding, easy, exciting, and fun!

 All tax filers 18 and older who are due a Federal tax refund and save a portion of that refund using IRS Form 8888 can enter the promotion through a simple online form. SaveYourRefund will award ten weekly prizes of $100 and a Grand Prize of $25,000. By offering large prize incentives, SaveYourRefund transforms the often- stressful, anxious, moment of tax filing and the serious, earnest act of saving into a time of celebration.

D2D’s past work on prize-linked savings has shown that the opportunity to win a prize – even a prize of modest value – can energize and motivate people to save. As the $90 billion US gaming industry attests, a chance to win allows us to dream, imagine, and aspire – and pairing prize incentives with financial actions can infuse saving, an act often viewed as self-denial, with more immediate reward, surprise, and possibility.

SaveYourRefund marries these ingredients – tax time opportunity becomes a conduit for the fun and excitement of winning. The chance to win one of 100 weekly $100 prizes and a Grand Prize of $25,000 motivates tax filers with great odds at increasing a $50 investment twofold and a chance to win a potentially life-changing grand prize, more than five hundred times that initial investment. With SaveYourRefund, filers truly can save small, and win BIG!

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February 1, 2013