SaveYourRefund Announces First $250 Winners!

Less than one month in to SaveYourRefund, D2D is excited to share stories from our weekly winners! Hailing from across the country, each of our winners has received $250 and remains in the running for the $25,000 Grand Prize. 

Since the promotion’s launch on February 1, entrants have saved a total of $144,000– $23,000 of which went to purchasing tax-time savings bonds. Our winners prepared their taxes in a variety of ways including online with H&R Block and TurboTax, as well as in person at community VITA sites. Their knowledge of SaveYourRefund came from many sources including not only our friends at VITA sites, but also the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, the Opportunity Finance Network, Yahoo! News, and from our partners at CFED.

Our winners include first-time savers and those who save routinely, every year. Many of them, including many who typically save at tax time, say that SaveYourRefund encouraged them to utilize IRS Form 8888 to facilitate saving. Winner Amanda Coffing explains:

“I didn’t know you could split your refund into different accounts. The incentive of the sweepstakes really gave me the push I needed to do it.”

Winners chose to save for many reasons, from building emergency savings, to saving to purchase a home, to paying off student loans. D2D is thrilled to see the promotion encouraging thrift at tax time.

Check out our winners’ stories:

James McAnulty of Illinois
Sofya Leonova of Washington, DC
Amanda Coffing of Indiana
Rebecca Boyle of Maine
Annette McCollin of Massachusetts
Tezurra Gooding of North Carolina

SaveYourRefund is open until April 15 to any tax filer over the age of 18 who saves $50 of their federal tax refund using Form 8888. For more information and entry, visit

March 1, 2013