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With unbanked households experiencing the highest growth rate in prepaid card use, innovation in the prepaid industry has the potential to help financially vulnerable Americans.

Prize-Linked Savings: Creating Financial Confidence and Opportunity

Prize-linked savings (PLS) products are improving financial confidence and self-efficacy. Previous D2D research has provided evidence on the impact of prized-linked solutions on helping financially vulnerable consumers try savings products and build reserves.

Opportunities for Innovation in Crowdfunded-Savings

Americans are struggling to save. New technology and new platforms, including crowdfunding, can provide opportunities for vulnerable consumers to access broader networks and leverage online accounts to help cover the costs of financial emergencies. However, most Americans don't even know these options exist.  

2014 FinCapDev Competition: Ten Mobile App Innovations for Underserved Americans

FinCapDev is a mobile app development competition that helps millions of underserved Americans make smarter financial choices and achieve better access to financial services. This year's competition brought ten new mobile apps directly to the hands of financially vulnerable consumers.

"Staples" Farm Blitz: The First Ever Financial Wellness at Work Video Game

Financial wellness at work programs are gaining popularity amid growing evidence that financial stress is a significant distraction in the workplace. Recognizing that such programs are most effective when they are offered through a medium with which employees feel comfortable, D2D developed the first ever financial wellness at work video game.

Prize-linked Savings: Scaling Savings on Prepaid Cards

With unbanked households experiencing the highest growth rate in prepaid card use, innovation in the prepaid industry has real potential to help financially vulnerable Americans. D2D is collaborating with prepaid card providers to build scalable, creative solutions to engage low- to moderate-income consumers and encourage the building of financial capability through savings.

Design Recommendations for myRA, a New Savings Product for Financially Vulnerable Americans

1018 According to a survey fielded by D2D, consumers have positive initial reactions to a new savings product, myRA, that has been released by the U.S. Treasury Department. myRA is intended to help first-time and small-dollar savers set aside savings directly from their paychecks.

Press Release: Doorways to Dreams Fund Innovation Provided a Model for New Law To Help Address Crisis & Help Americans Increase Personal Savings

Cash. And prizes. And personal savings. Turns out, you can have them all, thanks to a new law that clears the way for financial institutions to offer cash prizes as incentives to get people to save money. In a nation where one in four Americans have no emergency savings and two-thirds could not cover six months’ basic needs, this innovation can help ameliorate a national crisis in savings.

Save to Win Impact 2009-2013

In 2013 Save to Win, the nation’s first large-scale prize-linked savings product, expanded to include credit unions in Washington and North Carolina.

SaveYourRefund 2014: Savers' Stories

It is well-known that tax time offers an important opportunity to save for many American households. Every year, 300 billion dollars flows in federal refunds, with over $100 billion going to those living on $50,000 or less in household income.

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