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D2D hosts Ford Foundation Grantee Convening on Emergency Savings Products and Alternatives

In December 2013, Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund hosted a Ford Foundation Grantee Convening focused on Emergency Savings Products and Alternatives.

The Impact of Prep for Change on Financially Vulnerable Students

This report releases findings on how financially vulnerable students react to personal finance context standardized test questions. Through a gamified college readiness program called SummerQuest, D2D demonstrated that financially vulnerable students could markedly benefit from the inclusion of these questions.

David van der Berg , Joanna Smith-Ramani, and Rep. Cartwright give details on the SAVINGS Act

883 David van der Berg from Tax Analysts wrote a report on the HR 3385 SAVINGS Act, a bill that would require Treasury to implement a universally available, non-electronic alternative to the current tax-time savings bond purchase program.

Policy Brief: Tax-Time Savings Bonds

This brief discusses the tax-time savings bond policy, the policy that allows tax filers to purchase savings bonds simply by checking a box on the tax form. It makes the case for the preservation and modernization of tax-time savings bonds, which have allowed more than 100,000 tax filers, many of whom are low to moderate income, save more than $60m since 2009.

Building Mobile Apps for Financial Capability and Access

Produced by D2D Fund and the Center for Financial Services Innovation, this report provides a comprehensive overview of FinCapDev 2013, a nationwide, public competition that supported teams in building mobile apps to help working Americans make smarter financial choices and gain better access to financial services.

A Win-Win Proposition: Savings on GPR Cards

Sarika Abbi, Director of Ideation, discusses D2D's collaboration with Banking Up.

SaveYourRefund 2013: Testing a National Infrastructure for Prize-linked Tax-Time Savings.

This report details findings from the first year of SaveYourRefund, a national promotion that used prizes and fun to incentivize taxpayers to save during the 2013 tax season.

Save to Win: Highlights from Michigan 2012

This paper reports on the performance of the Michigan Save to Win (STW) product in its fourth year, highlighting findings that demonstrate that STW continues to impact members and offer opportunities for improved financial capability.

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