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2012 Savings Bond Report

The 2012 Savings Bonds Report provides summary data on the third year of the Tax Time Savings Bond policy, in which over 35,000 people saved $20.3 million in savings bonds. The report also makes the case for the need to preserve the policy, which is currently under threat.

A Need for Product Innovation to Help LMI Consumers Manage Financial Emergencies

With little reseach on financial tools to help households prepare for financial emergencies, Doorways to Dreams Fund designed a survey to understand LMI consumers’ perceptions of and experiences with emergencies and their insights into product design features that will help them cope. This paper details

2011 Savings Bond Report

Converting opportunity to impact was the central challenge for the Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund and the Savings Bond Working Group (SBWG) as we entered tax season 2011. The result was the Bonds Make it Easy national social marketing campaign, which aims to build awareness and use of the tax time savings bond policy first announced by President Obama in late 2009.